After a Strike, Do You Keep Swinging?

In baseball, when a batter swings and misses, does he give up?

What about if he misses on the second pitch?

Does he walk back to the dug-out, or does he risk three strikes?

What if he does strike out?

When his turn comes around again, does he pick up his bat and go back in?

Or does he make sure that he never makes a mistake and look like a fool again?

Even the greatest baseball players miss more than they hit.

But they keep swinging.

I’ve never played baseball in my life, but I have swung and missed a few times.

I’ve applied for jobs and promotions and missed out.

I’ve put my hand up for speaking gigs and missed out.

I’ve made mistakes and I’ve been unlucky, but I’ll keep swinging and I hope that you do, too.

It’s the only way.

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