The Passive Consulting Profits System – Luther Landro & Jessica

What we can get from The Passive Consulting Profits System?

This course is about tapping into a little-known but FREE ‘government list’ of new businesses, and using cheap direct mail postcards to sell the business owners a service they are already looking for. Contact these businesses in a unique way before anyone else and offer them a website for only $2,500… an offer these new entrepreneurs can’t refuse.

Step 1: ONLY target new businesses.
Step 2: Use postcards to do the selling for you.
Step 3: Outsource all the real work.
The little known local government websites that provides a daily list of new businesses.
How to legally claim 20+ years’ experience from day 1.
The sweet spot pricing for any service you want to sell.
How to earn passive income by offering free websites to new businesses.
And much more.

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