The Fab Facebook Group System – Caitlin Bacher

What we can learn from this course?

Party Theme | Name and Hook – I’ll help you pick a memorable name and irresistible hook to help your Facebook attract the best party people.
Party Set Up | Easy Tech Setup – I’ll walk you through all the steps in a way that even the biggest technophobe will understand.
Decorations | Branding – We’ll go over all the graphic design elements that you need to decorate (brand) and attract more party animals.
Party Rules | Rules and Guidelines – You need to have clear rules and guidelines in your Facebook group.
Invitations | Marketing & Promotion – Learn how to attract the RIGHT people (no party-poopers) and lots of them! Let’s pack your party with peeps.
Activities & Games | Content Creation – I help you come up with a content creation strategy so it will be easy for you create content that you guests will EAT UP.
Enjoying Your Own Party | Automation – I’ll teach you how to automate as much of the process as possible so you can actually ENJOY your group.

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