Straight Line Persuasion – Jordan Belfort

What we can learn from this course?

Up To Double Your Online Or Offline Sales Within Just 14 Days Using The Persuasion Secrets Of The #1 One Sales Trainer Alive!

The 4 core elements of the inner game of sales.
How to get into instant rapport with your prospects and how to use that rapport to gather massive intelligence.
The art and science of Straight Line prospecting.
The four key elements to creating ethical presentations that actually close the deal.
How to instantly squash objections and limiting buying beliefs, turning skeptics into buyers.
The secret to closing calmly and consistently every single time without even the slightest bit of high pressure.
The ten-step formula for building a never-ending stream of customer referrals and creating customers for life.
How to raise money through Venture Capital and Angel Investors, so you can start using Other People’s Money to fund your ideas and grow your business.
The step-by-step process of Straight Line Negotiating.

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