Sponsored Products Academy 2.0 – Brian Burt & Brian Johnson

What you can get from this course?

You’ll learn our PPC “Quick Start Guide” which will detail the exact processes we use to get you up and running successful Sponsored Products Campaigns right out of the gate.

QUICK START GUIDE – Detail the exact processes we use to get you up.
WEEK 1: The Set-Up Behind The Success. In week one we lay the foundation for massive Amazon PPC success.
WEEK 2: Keyword Research & How To Dramatically Spend Less While Getting More. Showing you our proven keyword research strategies.
WEEK 3: Organic Rankings & How to Blow Past Your Competition. Identify your largest PPC competitors.
WEEK 4: Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). How to tap into Amazon’s best kept secret, Amazon Marketing Services.
BONUS – WEEK 5: How To Write Listings That Actually Sell. Bring the “Copywriting Professor” to help you take your current listing copy and put it on steroids.
BONUS – WEEK 6: The Magic of External Traffic. Driving external traffic to your Amazon Product Listings.

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