Local Mind Hacking Platinum – Ben Adkins

Course Description:

Local Mind Hacking will teach you 5 powerful (but unorthodox) methods that you can use to get the attention of potential Local Business Clients so that you can sell them your high ticket monthly services.

Hack 1: The Coffee Card Method.
Hack 2: The Emergency Contacts Technique.
Hack 3: The Cookie Candle.
Hack 4: The Annotated Printout (AKA Ben’s Workhorse).
Hack 5: The Newspaper Laminate.
[Platinum Package Only] Hack 6: The Local Award Technique
[Platinum Package Only] The Local Mind Hack Live Immersion with Dr Ben Adkins.
[Platinum Package Only] A Month in The Life of a Local Mind Hacker.
[Platinum Package Only] How to Mind Hack Yourself into Getting Clients.

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