Kapow Course – Liz Benny

What we will get in this course?

Liz Benny will teach us how to go from A “NOBODY” To A Million Dollar Course Creator, and How You Can Hack My “Fast Profitable Course” Systems To Fast Track Your Own Course’s Success!

Lifetime Access To The Full Kapow Course 12 Step System For Course Creation. Video, PDF, Checklists.
Kapow LIFE! Course For Entrepreneurs And All Those Wanting To Play Life At The Extreme Level.
Million Dollar Business Coaching and System and Training.
Testimonial Training And Request System To Ensure Social Proof.
Joint Venture Coaching and Acquisition System To Sign Up Big List Partners.
Back End Training And Management System To Make Sure You Don’t Spend A Minute More Than Needed Doing Admin.
Yes! You Get My “Social Monkey Business” Million Dollar Funnel.
Exclusive “Kapow!” Facebook Group Access With Complimentary Monthly Coaching.

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