Content & Commerce Summit 2017 – Ryan Deiss

What we can learn from this course?

Content & Commerce Summit 2017’s mission is to bring together the best and brightest in: Ecommerce, Amazon Selling, Subscription, Commerce, Digital Publishing and Digital Media.

DAY 1: focus on new and emerging commerce models, and what’s actually working today in Ecommerce, digital publishing, and subscription commerce. Sessions included: The Rise of Content & Commerce, The Unbundling of Everything, Gated Commerce, Selling Subscription, Be Like Amazon.
DAY 2: we shift to tactics, specifically methods for increasing your traffic and conversions. Topics included: The death of “interruption advertising”, Squatty Potty Secret, Massive Mobile Optimization Tips, The Rise of Bots, Automated Email Followup Campaigns, How To Leverage Influencers.
DAY 3: all about THE FUTURE. Together, we’ll hop on a virtual time machine and discuss how bots, AI, virtual reality, augmented reality, and other emerging technologies will shape how products will be sold in the future.

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