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What we can get inside Mountains of Clients?

This course teach us how to build foxley’s own custom-designed sales funnel – the freedom funnel. The freedom funnel is a proven 6-step marketing system to attract dream clients, increase your rates and build your confidence.

Ideal client – First, you’ll get to work out your target markets and who your ideal client is.
Traffic strategy – Then, use traffic strategies to get your ideal client to notice you, such as partnerships, email marketing, facebook ads, guest blogging, etc.
Lead magnet – The aim is to get them on your list by offering them a lead magnet, such as a free checklist, cheatsheet, guide, etc.
Conversion tool – Use Foxley’s done-for-you templates to qualify prospects fast, and take the fast-track to converting them into leads.
Email nurturing – Use the fill-in-the-blank email templates and save another 15+ hours staring at the screen trying to figure out what to say.
Close the deal – Use these methods and you’ll probably find your clients will be closing the deal for you.

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