Dropshipping Titans – Paul Joseph

What we can learn from Dropshipping Titans?

This course will teach us a proven step-by-step system that earns me $15,000 a month in profit on eBay from anywhere in the world with no inventory!

eBay Dropshipping is a simple business model that lets you sell items without holding any inventory. You start by creating a listing on eBay for an item you want to sell. Once an eBay buyer purchases it from you, you go onto a retailer’s website, purchase it and ship it directly to the eBay buyer. Then you keep the difference in price! Since you never handle the inventory, you can do this from anywhere in the world.

Module 1 – Introduction
Module 2 – The Basics
Module 3 – PayPal
Module 4 – Setting Up Your eBay Store
Module 5 – Choosing Which Sources To List From
Module 6 – Three Step Formula to Find Profitable Items
Module 7 – Listing Your First Item
Module 8 – Title Optimization
Module 9 – Processing Your First Order
Module 10 – Uploading Tracking Numbers
Module 11 – Customer Service e-Book
Module 12 – Customer Service
Module 13 – Feedback
Module 14 – Inventory Management
Module 15 – Increasing your profit
Module 16 – Keeping Things Organized
Module 17 – How to Price Your Items
Module 18 – Scale Your Store
Advanced Topics

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