AdWords IQ Academy – Caitlin Schlichting

What we can learn from AdWords IQ Academy?

Step-by-step guide to discovering the secret of Google Adwords success. This course will show us how to take control of AdWords and get the results we (or our clients) deserve. The author structured her course to be a complete blueprint anyone can follow.

It will give us step-by-step guidance on how to set up a campaign, select ad groups and keywords, then optimize our ads through keyword management and negative keywords.

Module 1 – The Basics – Foundation Ads Overview
Module 2 – Setting Up A Search Campaign
Module 3 – Setting Up Your First Campaign
Module 4 – Setting Up Shopping Ads
Module 5 – Setting up Gmail Ads
Module 6 – Landing Pages
Module 7 – Tracking & remarketing
Module 8 – Monitoring, Optimization, And Reporting

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