7 Figure Ecommerce Blueprint – Alex Fedotoff

What we can learn from 7 Figure Ecommerce Blueprint?

This course is a 8-Week Facebook Ads Transformational Program That Will Help You Build Hyper – Profitable Business.

WEEK 1 – E-commerce Blueprint Overview + Hyper Profitable Product / Niche Selection.
WEEK 2 – How to increase your profit margins by 100% – 300% by setting up simple marketing automation.
WEEK 3 – How to make 30-50% more from every customer you get so you never lose money.
WEEK 4 – Top apps to make your customer buy more products from you so you make more profit and can scale your ads FAST.
WEEK 5 – How to setup highly converting store and funnel so you can start making profit in just few days without a lot of testing.
WEEK 6 – How to start and scale profitable Facebook and Instagram campaigns so you never lose money on ads. Advanced scaling techniques and insider tips you won’t find anywhere else.
WEEK 7 – Customer acquisition tactics. Funnels, ads breakdown, tools to shortcut success.
WEEK 8 – Scaling and automation. Hiring rockstar contractors, outsourcing the work and scaling to $100K per month and beyond.

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