Seller Lead Hacks – Danny Johnson

What we can learn from Seller Lead Hacks?

Week 1: Dialing In Our Website For Maximum Conversion – An in-depth explanation of the proper website setup so that we convert as much traffic as possible into leads.
Week 2: Dominating Our Local Market Online – How to completely dominate our local market online so that we get the lion’s share of the motivated seller leads.
Week 3: FREE Traffic – Free hacks to get motivated sellers to our website quickly and consistently.
Week 4: Pay Per Click – How to leverage paid traffic to crank up our lead generation immediately.
Week 5: Retargeting – Massively improve our conversion rates by retargeting visitors to our website when they visit other popular websites.
Week 6: Long-Term SEO – Discover the exact strategy to get our site to rank for the long-haul.

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