The SEO Playbook – Robbie Richards

Course Description:

The SEO Playbook training course can teach us step-by-step processes to scale organic traffic and conversions across any website.

Over 70 Video Lectures – The course is broken down into 15 hyper-focused modules containing over 8hrs of instructional video tutorials.
Access To All The Templates – Dozens of templates including Content Audit Dashboards, Content Calendars, Campaign Trackers and more.
Step-by-Step Process Docs – A library of PDF checklists and process documents we can use to follow course material and train our team.
Over-the-Shoulder Training – No fluff here. We’ll watch over the author’s shoulder as he apply the course material on real websites across different industries.
Processes That Get Results – The exact processes to grow business, get bottom line results for clients, and help other marketers.

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