FB Warriors – Anton Kraly

What we can learn from FB Warriors?

This course is an in-depth course that teachers members, step-by-step how to create and launch PROFITABLE Facebook campaigns, but also walks members through growing their campaigns and therefore growing their businesses.

Welcome Module.
Module 1 – We deep dive into how to build customer awareness the right way inside Facebook Ad Manager.
Module 2 – Shows us the exact strategies we need to turn our barely aware audience into HOT leads.
Module 3 – We’ll learn the path of least resistance to turn our hot leads into “instant” customers.
Module 4 – The step-by-step systems we use to Become The Only Authority.
Module 5 – How to ascend our audience into CORE offer buyers.
Module 6 – How to maximize the value of our customers with upsells & cross sells.
Module 7 – The goals of building a cost effective community with educational and event retargeting.
Module 8 – The step-by-step system we use to generate thousands of testimonials and reviews.
Module 9 – The strategies we use to generate affiliates that help promote our products and content.

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