Merch Dojo – Chris Green & Brian Burt

Course Description:

Merch Dojo will teach us how to launch & grow our own T-shirt business from our laptop, replace our income & quit our job in 1 hour a day with zero investment. All without ever touching a T-shirt.

Why Merch By Amazon is the Fastest to Launch, Easiest to Run & Most Rewarding Passive Business On The Planet.
How to Make Amazon Customers SWARM to Your T-Shirts and Create a Buying Frenzy.
Week 1: The Launchpad – Set Your Foundation for Success.
Week 2: Research, Design & Upload – Dive Deep Into Researching T-Shirt Design Ideas.
Week 3: Scaling Your Business – All about scaling way up by building brand and driving more traffic.
Week 4: Advanced Merch Training – The super high level pro-tips & strategies.
And more.

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