Quick and Easy Printables Business

What we can learn from Quick and Easy Printables Business?

There are big, untouched markets in the PRINTABLES category, and while Journals and Planners fill a part of those customers’ demands, there’s plenty of money to be made with Printables designed for Notebooking, Homeschooling, Organizing, and more.

This course will teach us how to create and profit with the entire range of items the people in the PRINTABLES market are hungry for: Journals, Planners, Notebooking Pages, Home Schooling Tools, Activity Packs, Organizers, and more.

Session #1: An introduction to printables & profits.
Session #2: Getting down to creative printables design.
Session #3: It’s time to profit with printables.
Session #4: Marketing your printables business.
And more.

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