How To Recruit 20 People In 30 Days – Eric Worre

What we can learn from How To Recruit 20 People In 30 Days?

Recruiting is the most important skill you must master in network marketing. With this step-by-step Master Class, we will present our opportunity to more prospects by learning how to recruit effectively, multiply & duplicate our efforts, and accelerate our success in the next 30 days.

1 – How to recruit 20 people on 30 days.
2 – 20in30 the schedule.
3 – Preparation.
4 – Filling the funnel.
5 – Telling your story.
6 – Closing, Follow up, Objections.
7 – How to make sure you make 20-30.
8 – Getting people started.
9 – 20in30 recipe and wrap up.

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