Closer Cafe – Ben Adkins

What we can learn from Closer Cafe?

This course will teach us a step-by-step system for building, and scaling a Facebook marketing agency. Let’s find out exactly why this is different than any other facebook masterclass we’ve ever seen.

Part 1 – What is the Social content and scheduling business model.
Part 2 – How to find the ideal local client (11 niches and pre-research).
Part 3 – New client ice breakers (how to get on their radar).
Part 4 – The SCS Pitch script.
Part 5 – How to provide the SCS service.
Part 6 – How to scale to 100 clients in 12 months or faster.
Part 7 – The 2 upsets.
Part 8 – What we are doing to help.
And much more.

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