Train My Traffic Person – Molly Pittman & Ezra Firestone

What we can learn from Train My Traffic Person?

In this course, world-class advertiser Molly Pittman will teach us how to grow and sustain a brand using paid traffic. This 12-week course is a comprehensive training on how to use Facebook (and other ad platforms) like a rockstar media buyer. Each week contains instructional sessions, Q&A sessions, exercises and worksheets.

Once completed, we will know how to find fresh audiences, protect our budget, and build new campaigns like an ads expert.

Session 1 – How to Think Like a Media Buyer.
Session 2 – Ecommerce Funnels.
Session 3 – Info/Service Based Funnels.
Session 4 – Creating the Blueprint for Your Traffic House.
Session 5 – Laser Targeting Research & Ad Set Setup.
Session 6 – Ad Copy.
Session 7 – High Converting Ad Creatives.
Session 8 – Campaign Setup and Launch.
Session 9 – Dynamic Product Ads.
Session 10 – Traffic and Analytics.
Session 11 – Scaling and Optimization.
Session 12 – Campaign Diversity: Mastering Google Ads.

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