Traffic Secrets – Russell Brunson

What we can learn from Traffic Secrets?

Most entrepreneurs don’t have a proven “master plan” when it comes to driving traffic. As soon as you understand how to turn on your traffic flow, and send your audience through your sales funnel, you have the ability to make as much money as you want.

The comprehensive 24-module system is the key to driving the right traffic directly into your sales funnel, day in and day out, like clockwork.

Module 1: The Foundation.
Module 2: Market Discovery.
Module 3: Copywriting Secrets.
Module 4: Keyword Science.
Module 5: Email Marketing Tactics.
Module 6: Borrowing Traffic.
Module 7: Shopping Engines and Amazon.
Module 8: Traffic Formulas.
Module 9: Buying Media and Sponsorships.
Module 10: Google Adwords.
Module 11: Podcasts and Broadcasts.
Module 12: Mobile App Marketing.
Module 13: Software and Widgets.
Module 14: Facebook Ads.
Module 15: Traffic Retargeting.
Module 16: International Opportunities.
Module 17: Social Media Strategies.
Module 18: Traffic Recycling.
Module 19: Google SEO.
Module 20: Building a Content Factory.
Module 21: Content Curation Methods.
Module 22: Youtube Marketing.
Module 23: Expansion and Scalability.
Module 24: The Masterplan.

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