The PACE Program – Rajiv Talreja

What you can learn from The PACE Program?

In this course, you will learn how to build a business that can effectively and efficiently grow without you just by implementing the PACE system. In this 3-day program you will understand and learn the applied tools, strategies and systems that have given results to over 10000+ entrepreneurs already. This is truly the world’s simplest and most effective system to manage your business.

1 – Team Aspiration Creation.
2 – Business Aspiration Creation.
3 – Business Model Creation Step 1-3.
4 – Magic Number.
5 – Problem Listing.
6 – Role Clarity.
7 – Competence Development Plan.
8 – Culture Plan.
9 – Target Achievement Plan.
10 – Achievement Phase Strategic Meeting.
11 – Achievement Phase Tactical Meeting.
12 – Achievement Phase Operational Meeting.

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