Teaches Film Scoring – Hans Zimmer

What we will learn from this course?

In Hans Zimmer’s MasterClass, the self-taught Academy Award winner teaches how he creates sounds from nothing, composes compelling character themes, and scores a movie before ever seeing it.

Introduction – Meet your new instructor, the Academy Award-winning composer of over 150+ films spanning multiple genres.
Themes – Hans has created some of the most memorable themes in film. Learn how he creates a theme, and how simplicity is his best tool to maintain a theme.
Story – Discover how Hans approaches writing to story and his number one rule for film composers.
Directors: Part 1 – Learn how Hans works with directors, including what he needs to learn from the director in order to start writing – sometimes even before the film is shot.
Directors: Part 2 – Learn how to effectively have a conversation with the director throughout the film process.
Directors: Part 3 – Hans continues his discussion on what makes a great director and what makes a great relationship between composer and director.
Sound Palettes – Hans is known for creating unique sound palettes. Learn how and why he does it, and how to do it on your own.
Creating with Synths – Hans is known for his use of synths. Hans discusses how he uses synths, as he creates a song from his starter patch for us.
Scoring to Picture – Hans discusses how to score to different types of scenes, as well as recognizing when a scene doesn’t need a score.
And much more.

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