Launch Ads That Sell – Harmon Brothers

What you can learn from Launch Ads That Sell?

Ready for your ad campaigns to take off? In this course, you will learn the strategy to take your ads further, faster. You will learn how to test your creative for maximum impact and how to use your ad spend to make your creative even better. Set up your ad account the right way so that you can take advantage of Facebook’s algorithms instead of constantly fighting against them.

If you’re ready to build your super-brand with ads (or build super-brands for your clients), don’t leave out one of the most important and overlooked aspects of a successful video campaign the launch. Learn from the tens of millions of dollars we spend every year, and shortcut to your own success.

1 – Launch Strategy.
2 – Research.
3 – Landing Page Design.
3.5 – Upsell, Checkout & Thank You Pages.
4 – Email Marketing.
5 – Facebook Ads Manager & Google Analytics.
6 – Editing Main Ad for Conversions.
7 – Remarketing Videos.
8 – Facebook Ad Buying Strategy.
9 – Hitting Publish.
10 – Bonus – Director’s Commentary.

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