Brain Dead Simple Copy – Nate Schmidt

What you can learn from Brain Dead Simple Copy?

The only copywriting course that shows you how to write words that entertain, persuade, & sell like hell in such simple terms, a brain dead monkey could do it.

If you’re trying to do this whole “make money online” thing, and you want a life of freedom, financial freedom, locational freedom, you want to be able to travel, buy nice things, support yourself using nothing but a laptop and an Internet connection, work on your time, do what you love, all that.

1 – The Intro.
2 – The Mindset.
3 – The Principles.
4 – The Writing Strategies/Tactics.
5 – The Application.
Bonus #1 – How to Make your First $1,000 as a Freelance Copywriter.
Bonus #2 – Analyzing Real-World Examples of Good Copy.
Bonus #3 – BDSC Case Studies.
And More.

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