How To Make Money On Youtube – Brko Banks Course

What we can learn from How To Make Money On Youtube?

No matter our goal is to earn some extra cash, to quit our 9 to 5 job, to travel more or to buy lamborghini. This course will show us how to archive them.

How to create your YouTube channel.
How pick right niche for your channel.
How to create content for your YouTube channel *No you don’t need to show your face or even record videos!*
How to upload your videos the right way.
How to optimize your videos to rank on YouTube and get views.
How to grow your YouTube channel.
How to create amazing YouTube thumbnails.
How to 10x your CPM.
Witch softwares I use to create content.
Most importantly how to build 4 streams of income from 1 YouTube channel.
And more.

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