The $100 Startup – Seth Anderson

What we can learn from The $100 Startup?

In this course, we will learn how to make $1,000 per month on Amazon starting with only $100″ in the next 3 months. We will see the exact process used to find products, source them and sell them on Amazon. These are products that we can get started with for only $100 and easily turn into $1,000/month income streams. This includes 5 weeks of modules that will cover:

Module 1 – How to properly get setup on Amazon for long term success.
Module 2 – How to pick the perfect product so you already know it is going to sell on Amazon.
Module 3 – How to find a great supplier to make sure you are getting a quality product.
Module 4 – How to make your product stand out on Amazon so it sells better than any of your competition.
Module 5 – How to launch your winning product to gain Amazon rank and free traffic.
Module 6 – BONUS – Grow your business.

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