Easy Little Flips – Bill McIntosh

What we can learn from Easy Little Flips?

Module 1 – Course Introduction, Welcome to Easy Little Flips.
Module 2 – Adsense Introduction, Adsense Keyword Research, Adsense Site Setup, Adsense on-page SEO, off-page SEO, How to Flip, How to Scale it, Secret Tactics.
Module 3 – Niche Selection, Keyword Research, Website Setup.
Module 4 – Clickbank Introduction, Clickbank Niche Selection, Clickbank PLR, Website Setup, How to Flip, Case Studies, Real Proof.
Module 5 – Service Sites Introduction, Service Sites Market Research, How to Flip, Case Studies.
Module 6 – WSO Introduction, WSO Market Research, Product Creation, Website Setup, Promotional Methods, How to Flip.
Module 7 – Software Sites Introduction, Niche Selection, Product Creation, Case Studies.
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