Zero to $6k – Ning Li & Austin Lee

What we can learn from Zero to $6k?

In this course, we will discover the step-by-step blueprint of how to go from complete beginner to living the dream remote working lifestyle in as little as 8 weeks. This proven system lets beginner copywriters close high-paying clients, using easy, step-by-step emails with copy-and-paste templates.

We will learn how to write converting copy, get high-paying clients & kickstart our dream writer’s life in 8 weeks. We will get over 2,000 words of fill-in-the-blank templates we can start using to attract, filter and close paid clients.

Week 1 – Trust the Process.
Week 2 – How to Land High Paying Clients Even if you Have Zero Experience.
Week 3 – Over the Shoulder – Ning Writes an Email from Scratch Plus How to Outline a Sales Letter.
Week 4 – How to Create & Foster Meaningful (& Profitable) Relationships in the Industry.
Week 5 – Funnel Architecture & the Key Pillar of Direct Response-Driven Businesses.
Week 6 – Grease the Slope: Sentence Structure, Grammar & Clarity, Simplified.
Week 7 – Cut Your Writing Time in Half with These Research & Outline Hacks.
Week 8 – Blazing Ahead: Forming High-Value Relationships by Getting Better.
And More.

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