Winning the Game of Procrastination – John Assaraf

What we can learn from Winning the Game of Procrastination?

In this course, we will learn 3 keys to eliminating procrastination. Put a stop to procrastination once and for all so we can take inspired action and achieve every one of our goals & dreams. John will share with us how he was able to stop procrastinating, and more importantly how we can put an end to our procrastination and become masters of goal achievement.

WTGP Level 1 – Step into your Power.
WTGP Level 2 – Eliminating Procrastination.
WTGP Level 3 – Mental Contrasting – Seeing Success in Advance.
WTGP Level 4 – Affirm and Declare – Imprinting Powerful New Beliefs and Habits.
WTGP Level 5 – Advanced Integration #1.
WTGP Level 6 – Advanced Integration #2.
Video 1 – How Awareness Gives you Power and Choice.
Video 2 – Breaking free from your Comfort Zone and Resistance to Change.
Video 3 – Seeing Future in Advance.
Video 4 – Prime your Brain for Success.
Video 5 – The Power of your Story.
Video 6 – Success Habit and Ritual.
And More.

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