The Founding Client Challenge – Jonathan Goodman

What you can learn from The Founding Client Challenge?

In this course, you will learn how to get 1-5 new online training clients in 7 days. You do not need a website, landing page, or large social media following prior to embarking on this challenge. This simple tweak in language gives you the permission to take (im)perfect action while simultaneously giving you the most sensational elements you could ever include in a marketing promotion: a compelling offer with a limited number of spots and a fixed expiration date.

Like building a great body, building a great business requires a proven, step-by-step process. Since 2013, we’ve helped over 25,000 fit pros add an online component to their business. This unparalleled experience has led to a massive information advantage for you to benefit from.

1 – Read Me First.
2 – Manual.
3 – Roadmap.
4 – Checklist to Print.
5 – Accountability Calendar.
6 – Scripts.
7 – Content.

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