Side Hustle Accelerator – Kim Perrel

What we can learn from Side Hustle Accelerator?

In this course, we will get everything we need to start and launch our side hustle. The 9-step workbook will guide us through the process to successfully start our side hustle. Learn how to find the right idea, identify our ideal customers, and access draft email templates to help us reach and land customers.

This interactive course is designed to give us the necessary foundation to launch our side hustle. We’ll identify our specific areas of strength, discover what is holding us back and learn new skills to achieve success in every area of our life.

11 tips for side hustle success and 11 reasons why our side hustle will fail.
How to effectively start a side hustle (while we have a full-time job).
Strategies to overcome our fear of failure.
Fundamentals of Execution.
Side Hustle Accelerator.
And more.

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