No Stress WordPress 2.0 – Dave Foy

What you can learn from No Stress WordPress 2.0?

This course is an indispensable course for non-coder designers who want to leverage the true power of Elementor Pro.

Module 1 – The Set Up – Essential Set-up Steps.
Module 2 – The Framework – In this module, we build the main frame of your website—nav menu, header, and footer.
Module 3 – Layout System – I’ve been building websites for 20 years but it wasn’t until recently that I developed a simple, straightforward system for consistently creating aesthetically pleasing layouts—even if you’re not a professional designer.
Module 4 – Standalone Content – There are two types of content that you can develop in WordPress: standalone content and template-driven content. In this module we establish the former.
Module 5 – Template-Driven Content – In module five we take a closer look at template-driven content.
Module 6 – The Next Level – By this point, you’ll have a super-solid foundation and the ability to build beautiful, dynamic websites quickly and profitably. In module 6, what you learn will take your websites to a whole new level.
Module 7 – Go Live – In this, the final module, you’ll learn the essential tricks for managing and maintaining plugins for the fewest headaches in future.
The Perfect Starter Site 2.
And More.

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