Giftology – John Ruhlin

What you can learn from Giftology?

Want to feel confident in choosing the perfect gift every time, for any recipient, any occasion, and any budget? Let’s ditch the guessing game. and let’s implement a strategy that will blow minds and win hearts.

Gifting has amazing potential to accelerate your company’s growth, if it’s done thoughtfully and strategically. So it’s important to be intentional about your overall gifting process and create an effective gifting strategy instead of relying on guesswork, last-minute panic shopping or generic gift cards.

Module 1 – Gifting Foundations – Why Gifting Works.
Module 2 – Identifying Key Influences – Who to Target.
Module 3 – Setting your Gifting Budget – How much to Spend.
Module 4 – Choosing Amazing Gifts – What Gifts to Buy.
Module 5 – Strategies and Systems – When to Send your Gifts.
Module 6 – Conclusion – Where to Go Next.
Bonus Video.

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