Closing From the Stage – Steve Olsher

What we can learn from Closing From the Stage?

Finally, a time-proven, no-nonsense system designed to help coaches, authors, experts and business owners grow their impact and revenue by ethically, naturally and effortlessly enrolling ideal prospects into relevant products, programs and/or services from physical and virtual stages. Closing From The Stage is the ultimate step-by-step methodology for connecting with audiences of all sizes, quickly and intentionally developing the requisite know, like and trust factor needed to move attendees to take our desired action.

Module #1: The Power (And Profits!) Of Speaking.
Module #2: Your Topic Of Influence.
Module #3: Designing An Irresistible Offer.
Module #4: Positioning For Different Types of Stages.
Module #5: Closing For All Different Types of Presentations.
Module #6: Mastering Your Success Metrics.
Module #7: Becoming A “Closing From The Stage” Master.
Module #8: Presentation Psychology.
Module #9: Contracts, Order Forms, Lead Generation Cards.
Profiting from Podcasts.
The Reinvention Workshop.
Launch your Podcast DIY Online Course.
And More.

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