Better Ecom Course – Peter Chan Jr

What you can learn from Better Ecom Course?

In this course, you will explode your Shopify store by getting buyer traffic to flock to your e-commerce store without the stress and hassles of fb’s algorithm and increasingly expensive costs.

Start Here.
Section 1 – Introduction.
Section 2 – Setting up your Shopify Store.
Section 3 – Adding Products to your Store.
Section 4 – Setting up your FB & IG.
Section 5 – Basic Traffic Methods (IG Influencers & FB Ads).
Section 6a – Advance FB Scaling.
Section 6b – Google Shopping Network.
Section 6e – YouTube SEO.
Section 6f – YouTube PPC.
Section 7a – Upsells & Funnels.
Section 7b – Email Marketing.
Section 7c – Google Analytics.
Section 8 – Outsourcing.
Section 9 – Putting it all Together (How to Run a 7 Figure Ecom Business).
Section 10 – Shopify Apps.

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