Affiliate Marketing Mastermind Course – Chad Bartlett

What we can learn from Affiliate Marketing Mastermind Course?

In this Affiliate Marketing course we will learn everythingweyou need to know and more on how to start and profitably run an Affiliate Marketing Business. Chad has spent over $10,000 multiple different courses on affiliate marketing and the problem with all of them is they leave something out to where it stops us from making money. Chad’s happy to say that this is the last Affiliate Marketing Course we will ever have to take.

1 – Welcome & Overview.
2 – Choosing your Funnel.
3 – Setting up Funnel.
4 – Turning Leads into Sales.
5 – YouTube Ads.
6 – YouTube Videos.
7 – Facebook Ads.
8 – Facebook Groups.
9 – Google Ads.
10 – DFY Campaign Vault.
11 – Weekly Coaching Replays.
12 – Platform Training.
13 – Client Websites (Bonus).
14 – Get Two Months Free.

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