What we can learn from Moneyburg Mentoring?

In this course, we will learn how to make the best moves in our professional life by “filling in” our mental blindspots and bouncing ideas off an elite mastermind network. Build rock-solid systems that will allow our business success to accumulate steady momentum.

Week 0 – Introduction, Expectation & Goal Setting.
Week 1 – Personal Responsibility and Locus of Control.
Week 2 – Managerial Decision Making.
Week 3 – Fallacies of Thought and Cognitive Distortion.
Week 4 – Your Internal and External Business Environment.
Week 5 – Business Structure & Risk Mitigation.
Week 6 – Producing Consumer Surplus.
Week 7 – Marketing 101.
Week 8 – Negotiation and Communication.
Week 9 – Entrepreneurial Finance.
Week 10 – Leadership and Team Management.
Week 11 – Outro.

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