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What you can learn from Happy Subscribers Toolkit?

Your Personal Toolkit of Ideas & Templates to keep your email list happy, engaged, and wildly profitable. With an email content plan spanning 2 years. 104 unique and proven email content ideas to send your list, enough newsletter ideas to last you for 2 years of broadcasts. And 124 high-performing plug-and-play email templates that you can swipe to nurture and engage your subscribers.

The Happy Subscribers Toolkit is not just great for business, it does wonders for your sanity too. You get 24 months of email broadcast content ideas all planned out for you, this means 104 unique email content ideas.

  • 1 – Welcome.
  • 2 – The Broadcast Plan + 104 Broadcast Content Ideas.
  • 3 – 123 Plug-and-Play Email Templates.
  • 4 – Bonuses.
  • 5 – Enjoyed the Toolkit.

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