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Learn key aspects for getting more joy out of the food you will be cooking and eating!

Making the most of the cookbooks and recipes you have is one way to gain inspiration. Another way would be to try to recreate recipes you’ve enjoyed at restaurants.

Some people are very conservative when they are eating out, sticking to the familiar such as pasta. In truth, this is a waste of time and money. Anyone can boil pasta and make any one of hundreds of sauces. Be more adventurous and try something new. If you can’t decide, ask your wait staff. They’ve eaten everything on the menu and will know what’s good.

Another way to gain inspiration is to try a recipe makeover. Pick one of your favorite recipes and try to make it healthier. Or, mix it up with different ingredients. Or, try a different cuisine. Start exploring Cajun or Indian cooking and experiment with all the luscious spices.

You can also try to eat your cookbook; that is, work your way through all the recipes in your favorite cookbook one at a time. Make notes as you go along. You’re sure to find some new favorites. Learn more inside…

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