You 2.0. Video Upgrade

These 22 video series are the extension of the book version of You 2.0, so you’ll be able to learn more effectively and anywhere and anytime you desire! 

It will show you how to completely redesign your life and live your best year yet.

Topics covered:

  • Defining Your Big Picture
  • Discovering Your Why
  • Unleashing Your Creative Powers
  • Creating Your Vision Board
  • Visualization Techniques
  • The Fundamentals Of Goal Setting
  • Succeeeding At Goal Setting
  • Making Goals An Active Part Of Your Life
  • Increasing Time Management Skills
  • What is Your Definition of Success
  • Achievements Don’t Happen Overnight
  • Key Factors For Achievement
  • Motivators and Team Work
  • Achievement by Association
  • Rid Yourself of Negative People
  • Learning How To Overcome Self-Sabotage
  • Why Do We Procrastinate
  • How To Finish What Started
  • Why is Procrastinatation Destructive To Our Lives
  • What We Are Up Against
  • Useful Time-Management Series

Videos are in MP4 format! Product includes sales materials!

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