Guide To Affirmations

Learn All About Creative Visualization!

Affirmations, truly, are simple. They’re you being in conscious command of your thoughts. They are brief, mighty statements.

If you say them or think them or even hear them, they get to be the thoughts that produce your reality. Affirmations, then, are your conscious thoughts.

Get all the info you need below:

  • Chapter 1: Intro
  • Chapter 2: Intro To Affirmative Prayer
  • Chapter 3: Intro To Cosmic Ordering
  • Chapter 4: Intro To Creative Visualization
  • Chapter 5: Intro To Mantras
  • Chapter 6: Achieving A Positive Mindset
  • Chapter 7: Writing Affirmations
  • Chapter 8: Using Affirmations
  • Chapter 9: Advantages And Disadvantages
  • Chapter 10: Conclusion

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