6 Absolute Truths About The 5-Factor Diet

6 Absolute Truths About The 5-Factor Diet

Every so often, a diet comes along that seems to capture the imagination of the public. It’s happened before with such widespread diets as the Atkins Revolution, the South Beach Diet, and NutrisystemTM. A new diet has joined the ranks of these popular, yet often criticized diet plans. It’s called the 5-Factor diet, and it comes in the form of a new book by fitness guru Harley Pasternak. She has appeared all over national television promoting the book, including such outlets as the Oprah show and Tyra Banks’s morning program. She claims as clients such celebrities as John Mayer and Halle Berry (and who wouldn’t want a body like Halle Berry, after all?).

Of course, all of this is incidental to the central question: what is the 5-Factor diet all about, and does it really work?

The 5-Factor diet is built around the glycemic index…

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