Mindset and Procrastination

Fix Your Procrastination EnvironmentBy Breaking Up Life into Smaller Steps!

Procrastination covers a very broad scope and before individuals can fully understand and overcome their procrastination environment of behavior, they need to familiarize themselves with the basics of procrastination.

The following information can help you gain clearer insight and understanding about the procrastination basics.

  • Chapter 01: Procrastination Basics
  • Chapter 02: Create a Timeline
  • Chapter 03: Fixing Your Procrastination Environment
  • Chapter 04: Get Inspired
  • Chapter 05: Break Up Things into Smaller Steps
  • Chapter 06: Think Of Positive Words to Get You Motivated
  • Chapter 07: Think About What You Really Want To Accomplish and Share It with Others
  • Chapter 08: Practice Meeting Goals
  • Chapter 09: Reward Yourself
  • Chapter 10: Benefits of Getting Things Done

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