List Success

Build a responsive list! Write emails that convert! Establish credibility and trust! 

Discover How To Successfully Build A Responsive List, Write Emails That Convert And Establish Credibility & Trust With Your Subscribers!

You’re not in business if you aren’t building a list. Whether you’re selling information products or widgets, you should be building a list of subscribers.

It’s been said that each subscribers is worth $X amount, and that could be $1 per subscriber. So if you have 100 subscribers, you should be making about $100 /month.

Of course, this is a general example but you get the idea. And the old cliche goes ‘The money’s in the list’, and it’s still true as of today.

Take a look at big businesses like They rely heavily on its email list to push new offers each and everyday. Subscribers opt to receive offers based on their interest and Groupon sends daily deals.

You see, building a list is one thing, but creating a captivating landing page and writing email copy that gets action takers is another topic all together.

Inside this guide, you’ll discover:

  • How to write and design a compelling landing page that converts visitors into subscribers.
  • Which autoresponder service should you use? I’ve reviewed 4 top autoresponders and give you the verdict.
  • 7 ways get visitors to your opt in page so you can start building your list.
  • 7 ways to write damn good email copy that your  subscribers will take action on — whether you’re promoting a product or sending a newsletter, you’ll like these techniques.
  • How to use urgency in your email copy to get people to take action.
  • Should you use long or short copy? Which converts better?
  • How often should you email your list? Once a month? Once a week? Once a day? I’ll share with you what you should go with.
  • What to avoid when sending emails to your list.
  • Should you broadcast your messages or use the autoresponder?
  • How to write a clear call-to-action that gets people clicking your links in your emails.
  • And much, much more!

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