The Law Of Success In 16 Lessons

The download contains 47 pages of excerpts from the full 16 volume version of the Law of Success in 16 Lessons.

I expect that you’ve heard of ‘Think & Grow Rich’.

What you may not know is that it was only a cut-down version of a much larger course developed by Napoleon Hill some nine years earlier.

This course was called ‘The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons’…and it ran to a total of 1,170 pages.

Unfortunately, due to its size (and therefore cost), most of the copies of the original leather-bound eight-volume set were snapped up years ago by people who could afford it.

Even now…the original editions sell on ebay for over $400.

So…why am I telling you this?

Well, after reading ‘The Law of Success’ myself…I realized how terrible it was that it wasn’t available to a wider audience.

Thanks to the power of the Internet…YOU can have all of the additional resources that were recommended by Napoleon Hill himself – now, right at your fingertips.

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