Kicking The Habit: A Smoker’s Guide

Stop Thinking About How You’re Going To Quit Smoking When You Can Instantly Stomp It In Less Than 30 Days With A Proven Set of Techniques! Smoking Is So Freak’n Cool – Kick The Butt Once and For All! Get The Mental and Physical Preparation To Quitting!

Kicking the Habit: A Smoker’s Guide is your way to actually breaking that hellish cycle in all of its forms. It teaches you step-by-step how to mentally and physically prepare yourself for each and every obsticle you will face during your walk to nicotine FREEDOM!

This is what’s inside:

* Understanding the Psychology of Smoking

* Are You Addicted To Smoking? The Smokers Quiz

* Why You Should Quit Smoking Today

* Smoking and its ill effects

* Smoking and Heart Disease- The Connection

* Quit Smoking Today!

* Admit your Addiction to Smoking

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