Cheerfulness as a Life Power

Lift Your Spirits and Banish The Blues – People complain that God put thorns on the roses – Would it not be better to thank God for putting roses on the thorns?

Learn to Look on the Sunny Side of Things! Inspire Yourself to a Happier Disposition by Reading!

Cheerfulness as a Life Power – Cheerfulness Lengthens the Life of Human Machinery!

Cheerfulness has a wonderful lubricating power. It lengthens the life of human machinery, as lubricants lengthen the life of inert machinery. Life’s delicate bearings should not be carelessly ground away for mere lack of oil. What is needed is a habit of cheerfulness, to enjoy every day as we go along; not to fret and stew all the week, and then expect to make up for it Sunday or on some holiday.

Take a Peek at What’s Inside! Cheerfulness as a Life Power is a classic work that has been artfully brought into the 21st century to bring its powerful lessons to a new generation of people that desperately need it now more than ever.

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