Weight Loss for Baby Boomers Audio Tracks

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Throwing back in time, people who worked so hard from the past to make our modern world easy to live with are getting much older and they also at risk of having some illness.

One of the problems that these baby boomers are facing right now is their weight. So much weight from their body is one of the factors that causes various types of deseases likely hypertension, diabetes, arthritis and the likes.

So instead of curing these deseases, why not avoid it? So to do that, lossing weight is the initial key to achieve it.

Lossing weight comes in various routine as it also depends on your current body’s condition and age. Inside this audio package, you are about to learn and use the media to teach how to loss weight especially to old people.

Below are some of the topics that it covers:

  • Controlling hunger to prevent binge eating
  • Is weight loss surgery right for you
  • Load up on whole grains fruits and vegetables
  • Planning your meals and snacks ahead of time
  • Safe exercises for baby boomers

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