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You cannot really formulate a budget until you have a guest list, as feeding your guests will take the largest chunk of your budget. Many planning tools recommend this be done later, I feel that this is something that should be done right away as it will help you set your budget and make important initial decisions. Many couples decide on a number of guests and then later reduce or increase those numbers. If you do this and make venue decisions based on your initial guest numbers, you may turn down a venue you really liked because it wasn’t big enough only to find that later you have reduced your guest numbers sufficiently to have chosen it. Similarly, you may choose a venue that only just accommodates your guest numbers and later want to increase those numbers and can’t because you are restricted for space. In our experience guest numbers often fluctuate from your original decision.

If budget is an issue to you, the guest list must be succinct. Invite close friends and family, don’t get carried away and don’t be coerced into inviting people you don’t want to (unless the coercer wants to, or is paying!). This is perhaps the only opportunity you will get to make the world revolve around you and get away with it, inflict your will, don’t be pushed! If people really love and care about you, on your day they will understand your wishes, it is a sensitive issue and should be talked through and handled well. Formulate your guest list by writing down the names of everyone that you think you would like to invite, don’t inhibit yourself at all. Once this is done use a list like the following to categorize the people on your list.

People who must be invited, Mums and Dads, siblings, best friends, people who are present and important in your life.  Friends that you still see or keep contact with, work colleagues (if you’ve worked there a while), sports teams. People you have recently met, who whilst are present in your life haven’t been around very long, new work colleagues.  Friends you haven’t seen in a long time and don’t keep contact with, also family members that you don’t have a relationship with and make no effort to see (cousins, aunts).

Below are more information that you are about to get inside:

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  • Everyone likes to share his/ her joys with friends and family members
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  • Party games ideas will help you make the party an enjoyable and a fun experience for all.
  • Parties are ideal events to celebrate occasions like birthdays, marriage, anniversaries, achievements, etc.
  • And so much more inside…

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